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100% Cotton Rose and Hubble Constellation Fabric, Space, Quilting

100% Cotton Rose and Hubble Constellation Fabric, Space, Quilting

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This cotton constellation fabric is a medium weight quilting cotton for haberdashery projects that require materials with little or no stretch. This cotton is fantastic for projects like masks, quilting, dresses, skirts, and shirts. It's a fabulous deep blue, perfect for nightwear and darker fashion.

The cotton is digitally printed, unbleached, and 100% organic - and brought to you by the fantastic Rose and Hubble.

We offer the following sizes:
  • 500 mm * 500 mm (Fat Quarter), perfect for masks, scrunchies and gift bags
  • 1100 mm * 500 mm (Half Meter), ideal for bag making, baby's clothes and accessories
  • 1100 mm * 1000 mm (Full Meter), great for larger projects such as tops, blouses and pillowcases
Packs larger than one piece are sent in a single length unless instructed otherwise. Please note - pieces cut from the side of the fabric bolt will have an additional 5 mm of edge to prevent fraying.

If there is a particular Rose and Hubble fabric you'd like, feel free to send us a message, and we can source it for you.

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