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5 mm Flexible Plywood Strips, Curved Flexi Ply in 1 Metre Strips for Furniture Making

5 mm Flexible Plywood Strips, Curved Flexi Ply in 1 Metre Strips for Furniture Making

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This listing is for pre-cut strips of Flexible plywood cut to 1 meter in length and available in various widths. The smaller the width the more flexible the plywood will become.
The images in the listing show 20mm in width strips.
The sizes we offer are available in only cross-grain to give you the most flexible piece possible.

We offer the following sizes:
  • 20 mm * 1000 mm
  • 30 mm * 1000 mm
  • 40 mm * 1000 mm
  • 50 mm * 1000 mm
Flexible Plywood is a lightweight grade of plywood that can be bent up to 90 degrees with ease - Larger pieces will bend more. This unique property allows it to fill a gap in woodworking. Normally the gap is filled by steam-treating softer woods or constructing curves out of laminate pieces. The smaller the width of the piece that you use, the more flexible that it will become.

Flexi ply can be cut using a CNC machine, Table saw, Hand saw - or even a high - watt laser cutter. We'd advise cutting A small sample on machinery first, to make sure your settings don't damage the grain of the plywood.

Plywood can take most stains, varnishes, paints, resins and glues - but be careful not to damage the surface! Your liquid substance may fill the flexible core of the plywood.

If you require unlisted sizes or larger quantities, then please contact us directly for a custom quote. If there are any other sheet materials you'd like, please message us; we'll source them for you at a great price.

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