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Personalised Hanging Photo Gallery

Personalised Hanging Photo Gallery

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Introducing our stunning Personalised Hanging Photo Gallery—a bespoke masterpiece designed to showcase your cherished memories in the most elegant way. Crafted with care, this gallery features 3, 4, or 5 photos expertly printed onto aluminium cards, ensuring durability and a modern aesthetic. The photos, suspended by sleek silver ribbon, create a visually appealing display that seamlessly blends into any living space. To add a touch of personalisation, a finely crafted birch wooden name plate sits atop, allowing you to inscribe a name or a short message.

Once you have ordered please send your photo via message or email. Your photo will be cropped into a rectangle of your choosing so please make sure that the subject is fairly central to the image and that nothing important will get cut off.

Hand Printed onto an opal white aluminium card with a white aluminium back.
Dimensions: photos are printed 86mm high by 54mm wide on 0.5mm aluminium.
Please note the card does have a slight sparkly to it due to the opal finish.

Handmade in Brighton
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