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Personalised Memorial Wallet Card, In Memorium Gift

Personalised Memorial Wallet Card, In Memorium Gift

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In Memoriam, we present our Memorial Wallet Card, a heartfelt Bereavement Gift designed to honor and cherish the memory of a loved one. This elegant wallet-sized card serves as a poignant reminder of the special person who has passed, a token of comfort during moments of grief and reflection.

Customizable with a cherished photo and a thoughtful message, this Memorial Wallet Card encapsulates the essence of remembrance. Crafted with precision and care, it's a tangible memento that can be kept close, allowing you to carry the presence of your departed loved one with you always.

Offering solace and a tangible connection to the cherished memories of your loved one, our Memorial Wallet Card is a thoughtful and comforting Bereavement Gift. Whether you keep it close in your own wallet or share it with others as a token of remembrance, this card embodies the enduring love and respect you hold for the departed soul.

If you would also like a black and white photo on your card then once you have ordered please let us know via email.

Hand Printed onto an opal aluminium card.
Dimensions: 54mm high by 86mm wide on 0.5mm aluminium.
Please note that the card does have a slight sparkle effect to it due to the opal finish.

Handmade in Brighton

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